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My Dearest Friend

Posted by akamrromance on July 2, 2011

There was never a time when I thought to myself
This is a friend who I can’t live without

Until one day I was promptly dismissed
The deep sense of loss, ushered in

I lived each day for a long time
Never thinking a true friend I must find

I had found this person once in my life
Someone who got me, this is no lie

This friend has a beautiful face
Looking in her eyes is like peering into space

A friend is a person who knows you best
Always there when life gives you a test

They are Angels who wrap their wings around you
Comforting your soul when you need it the most

Quick with a smile or to tell a joke
These are qualities that my friend shows the most

My true friend came back into my life
Happiness once again, this feeling is nice

My friend needs to know how much I care
I tell her every chance I get, in her eyes I stare

Never again will either of us go without
Having each other for this I have no doubt

To my dearest friend I say to thee
If ever there is a time when you need me

With you, I will be


6 Responses to “My Dearest Friend”

  1. This is so sweet, Sometimes losing someone makes you appreciate them so much more. I am so glad your friend is back in your life

  2. Jingle said

    what a realization, we forget to cherish friendship until we lost it.

    glad to see you back.
    Happy Potluck.

  3. Amber said


  4. Boymn said


  5. Serena said

    I don’t think I read this one… ever, I’d remember it. And by the timeline of the posting…. and what’s expressed it seems it would be one u haven’t shared with me before. When u told me about the poem u wrote for me, I was thinking of something else apparently…lol!

    My dear James… its good to have u in my life again. 🙂 and I hold this poem dear to my heart.

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