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Dieing and Crying

Posted by akamrromance on July 2, 2011

I am writing this for my dearest friend Wendy. At this very moment she is experiencing the deepest and rawest form of pain. I have prayed and consoled but nothing that I or anyone else has done will change what surely is to come. She is losing the person that means the most to her other than her children. My deepest sympathy and condolences go out to you Wendy and know that I will always be here for you when you need me.

So much pain deep down inside
Obvious and visible to the naked eye

Bubbling up from the depths of your soul
The pain suffocates the glow

Tears welling up in your eyes
Rolling down those wonderful cheeks

Like acid rain falling from the sky
Let go of the pain, let yourself cry

Whether it be day or night
Sooner or later we all must die

Why do people have to die
Nobody knows, it’s just a fact of life

Mothers and fathers
Brothers and sister
And yes children

Once we are born
We’re destined to
Live and die

It may seem at this fragile time
That the pain will not subside

Let it be known that all wounds
Heal given the time

So in your moment of heartache
Remember that in time
Your soul shall once again shine


8 Responses to “Dieing and Crying”

  1. Jingle said

    hard to let go loved ones, thanks for sharing such sadness..

    well conveyed sentiments,

  2. pmlevitt said

    I liked the image of acid rain. My sympathies to your friend.

  3. saya said

    Very well conveyed the truth of life.. Pain n happiness is like sunset n sunrise. Hope for the best n move on in life.. My condolence to your friend and god bless her..

  4. An awesome way to comfort a friend. Well done!

  5. Marissa said

    Sad, well-written, lovely. Blessings:) Marissa

  6. I love the sense of hope prevailing despite the seeming unfairness of reality, beautiful

  7. Loss is such a difficult thing. Thoughts to your friend and yourself. Well written, touching work.

  8. swanrose said

    Beautiful and sadly true…

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