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Dreams and What Can Be

Posted by akamrromance on April 20, 2011

What happens when you hold
Something dear to your heart
Goodness, where to start

A thing so important
It consumes you to the core
Without it, can leave you feeling sore

Nightmares of failures
And dreams of what can be

Leave the past in the past
Let things be what they will be

What once was
Or what can be

Only time will reveal
And let us see

Its out of your hands
So don’t try to plan

It will find you
Like your footprints in the sand

Never lose hope for someday
Love will put on your face
A beautiful smile, once again


6 Responses to “Dreams and What Can Be”

  1. jessbarz said

    That is lovely.

  2. Inspiring. like it 🙂

  3. That was full of hope:)Thank you:)

  4. it flows full of hope and inspiration!

  5. Jingle said

    you made it.


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