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Love Should Be Like This

Posted by akamrromance on September 24, 2010

I wrote this for two very dear friends of mine.  Trace and Leslie, you both inspire me.  You show all who know you what love should be like. Thank you both.  God bless you both.

True love comes along once in a life time
This is the story of two souls who waited

Waited their time and found what can only be
Described as a love of a lifetime

One soul wounded and the other loved life
Once they found each other their souls came alive

They met in an untraditional way
Fell in love before they met face to face

Both were a mess until they met
All fears went away when that fateful day came

As he pulled into the driveway he buried his fears
To calm his nerves he had drank a couple of beers

As he got out of his truck
She came out the door

She ran into his arms for a passionate embrace
Pulling back to get a look at his face

She stimulated his senses with all that she was
He was everything and more than she could have asked for

He makes her laugh and her passion fills his soul
Her eyes amaze him and his devotion to their family
Will never grow old

His faith in their love and God is a gift to them both
Her knowledge of the important things in life,
How to love, to him, is divine

Her looks drive him wild
He knows how to make her smile

They comfort each other in such a way
It’s a shame they had to wait till this day

As the time passed they found their way
To a place where they could lay

Under the stars and oh what a sight
He loved how the moons danced in her eyes

These two love each other and there is no doubt
Neither would want to live if they had to go without
The other half of their soul in their life

Never before have I seen a love like this
Truly happy I am to see them in bliss

To them both I say this
You’re the best two peas
That belong in that pod


9 Responses to “Love Should Be Like This”

  1. Trace said

    Very beautiful my friend. Thank you so much.

  2. […] James: http://akamrromance.com/2010/09/24/love-should-be-like-this/ […]

  3. ~L said

    Love should be like that… Great post!

  4. Andy said

    This is absolutely magnificent!
    Love expressed like it should be.

    I am a true romantic and believe wholeheartedly in love and romance.

    A beautiful tribute to dear friends.

    Well done!

  5. meiro said

    Lovely words flow.
    Its really beautiful
    Best wishes.

  6. Jingle said

    true love is the sunshine above.

    bless you.
    your friends are lucky to read this piece…

  7. ashbeezone said

    Simply impressive ..
    I like the how the emotions flows throughout the poetry
    Here’s mine poetry work ..


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