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Plight of two lonely souls

Posted by akamrromance on June 7, 2010

A solitary soul in the still of the night, meandering through life. Until one day he fell in love at first sight. He knew right then he had no choice, to know this soul like he knew his own life.

Abused for years had taken it toll on her beautiful soul. Ignored and unappreciated her heart was jaded. Until one day a meandering soul lit a fire deep within. She knew right then her new life would begin.

Neither knowing what the future held. They sought solace in each other and in the end found out that they were in love with one another.  These two soul mates were blessed with the knowledge that love was the answer to all the questions they had sought the answers to.


4 Responses to “Plight of two lonely souls”

  1. This is lovely. I like the ending… 🙂 I like the refeerence to soul mates being lonely and then findings each other. Really nice.

    Carolyn CJ Jones

  2. Bernice said

    Enjoyed reading it. Its both reflection and very inspiring. two lonely hearts found each other and the journey they went through. Loved it, loved it!

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