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Angels Delight

Posted by akamrromance on June 2, 2010

Angels in flight in the dawn light, falling from grace their only salvation is in being soul mates. They chose this path so they could experience the love as mortals and partake in the sinful pleasure of making love. What this new life had in store for them they did not know but gleefully they chose to give up their immortality.

As their feathers fell the emotions overwhelmed them and for the first time they felt the warmth of a teardrop slowly rolling down their face. They knew now that they had achieved their dream of free will. They embraced for the first time and felt the insatiable feeling of passion overtake them. For the first time they could kiss and as their lips united they were overtaken by the need to make love. It seemed an eternity when they first had dreamt of this moment and now it was here. As they pleasured each other they knew they would never be the same.

The story I describe above is one that can be changed easily for humans who fall in love. We humans experience these emotions and go into a tailspin fall when we fall in love. We should not fight these emotions and should treat our significant others with the utmost respect and love. Find a way to make your lover special on a daily basis. Talk to them, love, honor, and cherish them for they should be the person that you live with until your flesh has outlived its beauty. We are all human and it is in our nature to pair up. If you let love be the biggest part of your life then share your life with that person who shares their life with you.


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