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The kindred

Posted by akamrromance on May 30, 2010

As mysterious as the night, a kindred soul is the guiding light leading us to truth. ~JF

Have you ever met a person who that has that X factor? A person who leaves you feeling that you have met one of the nicest people in the world? A person who you can’t help but smile when around them or talking on the phone with them? What is it we call these people? I call them kindred souls.

The beauty of the flesh is surpassed only by the beauty of the soul. ~JF

These kindred souls are the most beautiful people in the world as beauty comes from within. Beauty of the flesh goes away with time but the soul just continues to be beautiful as long as that soul loves life.

Those who love life, live life in a way that produces an infinite amount of smiles. ~JF

These people never cease to amaze me with the way they live their lives. Always happy, smiling, cheerful, and supportive. They are quick to encourage a person to do the right thing and care more about humanity than anyone else.

The sweetest words leak out of the souls that love the most. ~JF

I have witnessed some of the kindest acts from these kindred souls. The things that they say will drop your jaw to the floor and leave you in awe. They flat out are the people in your life that make you smile.

The most blessed people are the ones that appreciate what they have. ~JF

Kindred souls rarely complain about anything. I can tell you that they too have issues in life but they handle those issues quietly and in a way that we all could learn a thing or two from.

So what is the point of this blog post? Simply put; support these kindred souls in any way you can. Prop them up and learn from these people for they excel in life in the ways that matter. One last comment about these kindred souls… if you are lucky enough to fall in love with one of these people and have them love you in return; you are blessed more than you could possibly imagine.


2 Responses to “The kindred”

  1. CASSIE said

    This one is my favorite…… everyday I wish I could be one of these people. I am working hard and I hope that one day I can achieive this to the fullest.

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