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The gift to humanity

Posted by akamrromance on May 28, 2010

Kindness is the ultimate gift to all of humanity. In today’s society we live our lives working and hustling around never giving a second thought to those less fortunate than ourselves. We live in a world of instant gratification and are so self absorbed that even the smallest act of kindness never even crosses our minds. Let me take you through it one step at a time.

Kindness is to the soul what water is to a parched mouth. ~JF

Every individual in this world has their good days and their bad days. When a prolonged period of down days hit’s a persons life the soul suffers. We as people have a way to help the ones we love or a stranger that we have never met before. Kind acts have a way of lifting people up and bringing a smile to their face.

One act of kindness can lift the burdens of depression on a person’s soul. ~JF

When a person is down and out the smallest deed can turn a persons life around. Kindness can be the catalyst for real change in a persons life. Self-doubt, pity, and depression can consume a person and leave them feeling like life isn’t worth living anymore. Showing that you care is an easy way to help a person in this mindset and it can have profound affects.

If you believe in just one thing in this world let it be yourself and the kindness your capable of. ~JF

You may not think you have the time or are able to make a difference in a persons life but believe it or not you do. An act of kindness can be as little as saying hello to someone who is down and out. Taking a phone call from someone, buying a cup of coffee, and the list goes on and on. I will say this though; don’t expect anything in return for being kind to a person. The only thing I do it for is to feel good about myself and I think you should set your expectations the same. Don’t be surprised if you get a smile though. J

You can steal the key that unlocks a person’s heart by showering them with sweet acts of kindness. ~JF

For all of you wondering what this has to do with love or romance? I have found that being kind attracts the most amazing people into your life and believe it or not, they can fall in love with you for that very reason. Go out and make the world a better place… one act of kindness at a time.


5 Responses to “The gift to humanity”

  1. Wonderful, feel good post. The world would be such a better place if everyone tried to be a bit more kind.

  2. C in BC said

    “One act of kindness can lift the burdens of depression on a person’s soul.”

    How true. I’ve been a lucky recipient of your act of kindness and I thank you for the gift of your words. They are so inspirational, I fall in love with them and they leave me feeling simply, happy.

    You, in part, inspired me to recently join twitter, so I could enjoy your tweets and be one of your faithful followers, but alas, I just discovered you have left twitter. I’m so disappointed.

    I hope you reconsider and come back because as one of many, I miss your tweets and wish to continue writing your beautiful quotes in my journal.

    • I will come back after I take some personal time to heal. I thank you for your kind words and wish you a very blessed day. May I ask your @username on twitter?

  3. Nikki said

    jKfNJF That’s really thinking out of the box. Thanks!

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