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These Tears

Posted by akamrromance on May 23, 2010

Choking back these tears of sadness
I found myself in a terrible darkness
My mistakes have cost me
My mistakes cost the ones I love all around me
Where am I now, for I have been cast out
No love for me, no not today
I’ve lost the loving arms that always surrounded me
Looking at my life today
I ask myself what have I done as
I ponder the people that surround me
So tired of all the leeches
Most of all I’m tired of the thieves
Stealing my money, my smile, and my soul
Where are those loving arms that used to surround me
I met her in the strangest of ways
Not knowing at first what direction it would take
The innocence of it all took my breath away
Her smile and kindness I look forward to
Each and every day
I’m choking back the tears joy
I’ve come out smelling like roses
Once again I’ve found a sanctuary
Where loving arms are once again wrapped around me


2 Responses to “These Tears”

  1. Bernice said

    hello again,
    interesting when reading it; darkness in the beginning and finally finding happiness in the end!

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