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The future as it is now

Posted by akamrromance on May 20, 2010

The night has fallen and winter has arrived in my life. A time for healing alone and dealing with the sorrow that has hit my life. Much like nature, the winter will pass when the time is right. Spring will come to my life once again and the time of renewal will bless my life again. I know that the fog will lift and the sun will shine upon my soul once again but not until I have healed. I will not let myself or my daughter down for we deserve the best in life. To the love I lost I wish you the best in life and may its journey be filled with blessings of joy Now the sun has set on our romance and now the silence of night is where we both belong.


2 Responses to “The future as it is now”

  1. Lee Meyers said

    Why don’t you apologize to your wife, and ask for a second chance?

    • I did apologize but alas she chose a different path. A path that didn’t involve me. The price I paid for my actions were harsh and I accepted them. It is what started me on my journey to understand and change myself for the right reasons.

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