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Beautiful Mess

Posted by akamrromance on January 11, 2013

Gaze upon this desolate land Beautiful souls that cannot stand

Once they flourished but now they don’t Open up, no they won’t

Choices made have taken their toll
Like a broken wheel, that cannot roll

The tornado, with it’s wicked sound Blows the debris all around

Out of control there is no hope
Falling down this slippery slope

A rose’s beauty that’s passed it’s time The pedals have wilted and fallen

Walls have been erected for a safe place to hide
Behind these walls, it is safe to reside

Opportunities go to waste
Dismissed in a terrible haste

Let them be and you will see
Once again how beautiful they can be.


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Like the Wind

Posted by akamrromance on August 24, 2012

This feeling inside me I can no longer deny

Building inside me I no longer will fight


You cannot taste this feeling with your tongue

You cannot chew it with your teeth


It cannot be seen with the naked eye

But when it hits you, it is a sweet surprise


It cannot be touched with the fingers I have

Reach for it all you want, but it can never be grabbed


It has no smell that you can sense with your nose

But it is a feeling everyone knows


The feeling exists like the wind

Feeling it blow, gently against your skin


At this moment I know one thing

The potential we have is a magnificent thing


Thank you for lighting me up once more

I want you to know, how much I adore

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Dieing and Crying

Posted by akamrromance on July 2, 2011

I am writing this for my dearest friend Wendy. At this very moment she is experiencing the deepest and rawest form of pain. I have prayed and consoled but nothing that I or anyone else has done will change what surely is to come. She is losing the person that means the most to her other than her children. My deepest sympathy and condolences go out to you Wendy and know that I will always be here for you when you need me.

So much pain deep down inside
Obvious and visible to the naked eye

Bubbling up from the depths of your soul
The pain suffocates the glow

Tears welling up in your eyes
Rolling down those wonderful cheeks

Like acid rain falling from the sky
Let go of the pain, let yourself cry

Whether it be day or night
Sooner or later we all must die

Why do people have to die
Nobody knows, it’s just a fact of life

Mothers and fathers
Brothers and sister
And yes children

Once we are born
We’re destined to
Live and die

It may seem at this fragile time
That the pain will not subside

Let it be known that all wounds
Heal given the time

So in your moment of heartache
Remember that in time
Your soul shall once again shine

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My Dearest Friend

Posted by akamrromance on July 2, 2011

There was never a time when I thought to myself
This is a friend who I can’t live without

Until one day I was promptly dismissed
The deep sense of loss, ushered in

I lived each day for a long time
Never thinking a true friend I must find

I had found this person once in my life
Someone who got me, this is no lie

This friend has a beautiful face
Looking in her eyes is like peering into space

A friend is a person who knows you best
Always there when life gives you a test

They are Angels who wrap their wings around you
Comforting your soul when you need it the most

Quick with a smile or to tell a joke
These are qualities that my friend shows the most

My true friend came back into my life
Happiness once again, this feeling is nice

My friend needs to know how much I care
I tell her every chance I get, in her eyes I stare

Never again will either of us go without
Having each other for this I have no doubt

To my dearest friend I say to thee
If ever there is a time when you need me

With you, I will be

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Dreams and What Can Be

Posted by akamrromance on April 20, 2011

What happens when you hold
Something dear to your heart
Goodness, where to start

A thing so important
It consumes you to the core
Without it, can leave you feeling sore

Nightmares of failures
And dreams of what can be

Leave the past in the past
Let things be what they will be

What once was
Or what can be

Only time will reveal
And let us see

Its out of your hands
So don’t try to plan

It will find you
Like your footprints in the sand

Never lose hope for someday
Love will put on your face
A beautiful smile, once again

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Mechanism of Growth

Posted by akamrromance on April 14, 2011

As i lie here wide awake
Insomnia is here to ensure
I ponder my mistakes

The twists and turn in my mind
Was i mean or was I kind

Things I’m proud of
Things that will haunt me till the day I die

Ups and downs I’ve experience them both
These are the mechanisms of personal growth

So as I lay her wide awake
A smile graces this weathered face

If you feel the feelings like me
Fear them not for the future has yet to be seen

Live your life on your own terms
Live your life until your final breathe adjourns

Never stop growing
This will keep your soul glowing

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The Dawn of Today

Posted by akamrromance on March 31, 2011

In the morning when you wake
A smile graces your beautiful face

As you stretch and yawn
The golden rays light up the dawn

You lift yourself up out of bed
Your body craves coffee and to be fed

Ready your mind for another great day
The euphoric feeling wont go away

Today you’ve decided to simply say
Lover of mine, will you please stay

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Lonliness and The Dove

Posted by akamrromance on March 24, 2011

What is the full affect of a lonely soul
Something no person should ever know

The soul wilts like flower pedals
On a hot summers day

A bitter feeling that builds up inside
This is a truth that I regretfully say

This is something that no person can deny
If a person does it is probably a lie

Light a candle for the lonesome souls
Lift them up so their soul can glow

If you have that special someone in your life
Return that gift generously, return it trice

Treat that person with kindness and love
Revere them like the magnificent peace dove

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The Thief I Wish You Would Be

Posted by akamrromance on February 14, 2011

Like a thief in the night you came to me
Stealing my heart with pure glee
This was a blessing yes indeed
You’ve shown me how wonderful life can be.

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A Valentines Day to Celebrate

Posted by akamrromance on February 13, 2011

Some will wake early and some will stay in bed
Another year has passed, its Valentines day again

When you wake put a smile on your face
Today is the day to celebrate and appreciate

Show the one you love how much you care
Be it with gifts or in their eyes just stare

Give them chocolate and flowers
Dazzle them with affection and your time
Hours of it

Stay in or take them out
Make it a day that your actions warrant clout

Its Valentines day once again
So on this day, let love sink in

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